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Dr. Waiel Awadalla

Dr. Waiel Awadalla

As a doctor, my goal is to establish a great patient-doctor relationship through communication and interpersonal skills…

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As a doctor, my goal is to establish a great patient-doctor relationship through communication and interpersonal skills. Patient-doctor communication is the building block upon which the physician’s relationship with a patient is made. That’s why one of my most important duty is to gather information in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, counsel appropriately, give therapeutic instructions, and establish caring relationships with patients. These are the core clinical skills, with the ultimate goal of achieving the best outcome and patient satisfaction, which are essential for the effective delivery of our home health care.

I believe that good physicians do more than treat patients; they also create trust, hope and a sense of being known. I do believe, that if my patient trusts me and feels like he/she can be honest with me without judgment, my ward will be more likely to provide information that can help me provide better care. I feel responsible for my patients, that’s why I try to give the best treatment, care, and custody to them.

My name is Dr. Waiel Awadalla and originally I’m from Sudan. I’m a general practitioner graduated from Ternopil State Medical University with postgraduate Higher Diploma in Emergency Medicine and 4 years working experience in the medical field. I will be happy to help you to recover and assist you in all the process of treatment.



2006 – 2012        Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine

2015 – 2016        Higher Diploma in Emergency Medicine, University of Bahri, Sudan


Professional Experience:

2018 – Present   General Practitioner, Call Doctor, Dubai

2015 – 2017        Medical Officer, Emergency Medicine University of Bahri, Sudan




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