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About Us

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Few words about us

Call Doctor Home Health Care Center LLC, established in 2017, was formed with core principles of comprehensive mobile and home health care services – safe, convenient, ethical.  Founder and Chairman, Dr. Minhaz Hussain is a pioneer of doctor on call concept in the Emirate of Dubai. With one and a half-decade of clinical forte and medical director competence, and thousands of patients seen and treated, Dr. Minhaz Hussain innovated his own mobile and home healthcare mission, hence, Call Doctor UAE emerged.

Call Doctor UAE  is registered with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) with license No. 0002216 in the category “Home Healthcare Agency” and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. We are a multi-specialty mobile and home healthcare company embodied by experienced staffs including General Practitioners, Referring Specialists, Registered Nurses, Registered Physiotherapists, and Call Center Executives. With competent teams and millions of seed capital, we have successfully proven our quality of services and we are diligently working on further enhancing our accessibility in Dubai.

We have more than 10,000 satisfied customers in hotels, homes and offices. With the aim for giving our customers premium home healthcare services, we have referral partnership with hospitals:

  • Saudi German Hospital – Al Barsha 3
  • Al Zahra Hospital – Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital – Health Care City
  • American Hospital – Oud Metha

For clinics, we are partnered with:

  • Armada Medical Centre – Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Angel Wings Medical Centre – Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Sameena Medical Centre – Sharjah

We also have exclusive contracts with:

  • Armada Medical Centre – Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Angel Wings Medical Centre – Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Sameena Medical Centre – Sharjah
  • Armada Medical Centre – Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Angel Wings Medical Centre – Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Sameena Medical Centre – Sharjah

Core Values and Ethics

Patient welfare comes first

To reach patient as soon as possible is the topmost priority before the other tasks. Health care is a service industry and we affirm that patients deserve the best.

Our team is a family

Being sincere to and caring for each other genuinely makes the whole team better caregivers for the patients.

Patient confidentiality

All staff vowed to a confidentiality agreement and are trained to uphold patient privacy and confidentiality without fail. This applies to all patients from all walks of life, whether they are prominent personalities or not.

Value for money

We don’t burden our patients when it comes to our medical and service charges. Regardless if our patients are insured or not, our prices are just, minimal and are the same for home, hotel, and office visits. We don’t charge anything extra apart from treatment and services rendered.

Leading mobile healthcare services

With its sincere and equitable management and amiable and professional medical team, Call Doctor’s vision is to become UAE’s leader in mobile healthcare industry Reliably, Call Doctor, through its unique and user-friendly toll-free hotline 800 200 400, health care is just a call away.

Health care community

We value and maintain the support of our healthcare partners from private sectors, highly-preferred clinics, to leading hospitals, and citywide ambulance service providers. This goes to show that we are not an opponent but a proponent of a bigger healthcare community with common goals which are for patient’s welfare.

The Call Doctor Concept

Imagine the struggle when one’s too sick to get up and worse, no one’s there to drive to the hospital. Or when the kids have fever, but nearby clinics are either fully booked or closed already. When one simply wants to have a routine checkup or blood test but must go through long hospital queues with fear of catching others’ flu. Or sometimes, the family physician is away for the holidays and one doesn’t know whom to call. These struggles are real. Many people nowadays also wish or prefer the convenience, privacy, and comfort of their own place while receiving medical care or services.

The good news is, anyone can rely on Call Doctor. Whether for you, your family, your friend, your guest, or your patient, we can bring the required health care services to the home, hotel, or workplace — anywhere in Dubai, in just a call away. Our fully-equipped medical team, comprising of DHA registered doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists, arrives quicker than, or within 45 to 60 minutes at your given location.

While not rebutting nor replacing the primary functions of full-fledged clinics, hospitals, ambulance, and emergency responders, Call Doctor channels as an essential health care link and a proactive healthcare partner of these facilities. Call Doctor aims to be a preferred alternative health care provider that’s accessible citywide and reliable 24 hours, 7 days a week, even on weekends or holidays.

In just a call away, we deliver safe, friendly, and quality healthcare ranging from consultation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, to referral services at affordable prices which are mostly covered or partially reimbursed by major medical and travel insurance providers.

Transforming Patient Care Delivery

Ergonomics is a benchmark of Call Doctor’s excellent patient care delivery. Sufficient and efficient manpower and tools enable Call Doctor to revolutionize the delivery of patient care from the time the call is confirmed up to the end of treatment and follow up visits if any. Doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists are all trained in out-of-hospital patient settings. From first aid kits,

digital ear thermoscans, wireless pulse oximeters, pediatric tools, compact nebulizers, IV drip setup, sterile specimen collectors, portable ECG machines, to state-of-the-art therapeutic ultrasound machines, the Call Doctor team is ready and fully-equipped for different cases from a well checkup, to fever, allergies, infectious diseases, respiratory ailments, dehydration, back pain, wound care, and so on.

Having well-rounded medical team, configured communication lines, smooth transport system, use of safe, effective, and broad-spectrum medicines and portable diagnostic tools and medical equipment on hand, the team is able to execute prompt arrival, perform early diagnosis and treatment, and conduct proper referral systems for further management if required. On the non-technical side, Call Doctor utilizes a more personalized and modifiable healthcare approach while focusing on patient’s individual needs and recovery. With the benefits of treating the patient in their own environment, and/or preferred timing of visit, if applicable, Call Doctor achieves the adequate level of patient safety, privacy and comfort and is able to communicate better with the patients. Without the white confining walls of a clinic or hospital, the anxiety and apprehension of patients and significant others are also reduced. Without minding any patient queue, the team, on the other hand, is also able to spend ample, unhurried time and focus more on one patient at a time.

Cost Control Without Compromising Care

Some studies show that majority of ER visits are not necessarily emergency cases. Hence, they are rather referred to OPD Departments or Specialists which may prolong the waiting time, delay needed treatment, and increase the total cost of care. To avoid these scenarios, Call Doctor is the best alternative.

Call Doctor doesn’t simply attend to all calls, keeping the safety of all patients in mind, trained Call Center Executives filter the urgency of cases and decide to either accept the case or immediately refer them to call DCAS on 999 or to the nearest hospital if necessary. Often, callers are unaware that they are having emergency cases. That’s why Call Doctor plays a vital role as a bridge in the healthcare and triage system. On the other hand, accepted cases (non-emergency and non-medico-legal cases) are attended to and handled with high level of urgency to prevent them from becoming emergency cases and reducing the medical cost without depriving the convenience and quality of care. In Call Doctor, improving quality of care equates to improving quality of life.

In terms of payment, cash or card is accepted. As reassurance for the clients, reasonable and minimal charges are applied compared to other mobile healthcare providers which charges are significantly higher. Also, detailed invoice is provided for insurance reimbursement claims. Depending on insurance policy, medical expenses are paid back fully or partially. Additional required documents can also be accomplished without delay, such as insurance reimbursement forms, investigation reports, medical reports, and medical certificates.

Celebrities are our clients as well

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere where you are.