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Should you choose at-home PCR test for Covid-19? Merits and Demerits

Covid-19 has been called a pandemic for its ability to spread at higher rates and with new strains and mutations coming up the risk of spreading is even greater now. The only way to put a check on the Covid-19 spread is to perform extensive tests and contact tracing and further isolation of the infected population. Every Covid-19 test is a step towards winning the war against the Covid-19 pandemic and prevent the crisis that is being faced by some of the largest countries of the world.

To achieve this very goal, Call Doctor UAE is providing at-home PCR test services at your doorstep with results delivered to your email within 24 hours. This is a small step towards keeping your loved ones safe by nipping the problem in the bud itself.

There are certain doubts regarding at-home PCR test for Covid-19 that it may not meet the high standards set by DHA and the reliability of the tests. This article aims to clear the air around at-home PCR tests’ merits.

Why Choose At-Home PCR Test for Covid-19?

Stay Home Stay Safe

Chances of your contracting Covid-19 infection when you go out are much higher than when you stay home and call for an at-home PCR test with Call Doctor UAE. Within the walls of your home, you are sure of the people you are living with and in case any family member feels any symptoms of Covid-19 or Flu you can contact Call Doctor UAE 24×7 on our Toll-Free Number 800-200-400 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to get a PCR test done at your home and eliminate the risk of spreading the infection further within the family.

Mild Symptoms Can be Treated at Home

Younger generations with milder symptoms of Covid-19 do not need to be hospitalized but need to make sure to get PCR tests done so that they do not transmit it to the vulnerable elderly of their families with greater health risks. There are multiple strains and mutations of Covid-19 and staying at home to get PCR tests done ensures that you don’t catch the more lethal strains of Covid-19.

Asymptomatic Carriers

If you are young who live with elderly parents or grandparents, who are particularly vulnerable to dying from the Covid-19 virus, you might not even realize that you have contracted Covid-19 when you were traveling for work and still carry that virus within you as an asymptomatic carrier. You can book an at-home PCR test with Call Doctor UAE to eliminate that risk and ensure the safety of your elderly parents or grandparents. The elderly population is at greater risk of contracting the virus from the young people living with them.

Maintain Social Distancing

At-home PCR tests promote social distancing – which is crucial for reducing the spread of the virus and improve health outcomes by keeping hospitals and clinics capacity to its maximum to provide care for people who truly need it. Those with non-server or life-threatening symptoms can call our Toll-Free Number 800-200-400 for a consultation whether the test is required or not and if required, can book an at-home PCR test and keep their social distance from the people with server symptoms at hospital and clinics.

Confusions surrounding At-Home PCR Tests

The Duration of PCR Test Results

Time is the most important factor in keeping the spread of the virus under check. Quick delivery of test results can help contain the spread by isolating the infected population from the healthy ones. Call Doctor UAE experts to reach your place within 30 minutes of your booking an at-home PCR test and the test are delivered to your email inbox within 24 hours.

Accuracy of At-Home PCR Tests

For an accurate test, the swab must be taken from deep in the back of the nose or throat where the virus is most active. A swab that’s done too shallowly could wrongly convince someone that they don’t have Covid-19. Call Doctor UAE is approved by DHA for at-home PCR Tests and our team of experts follows the standards set by DHA for PCR Tests, and we ensure that every swab is taken with due diligence and care for an accurate and reliable result.

Consultation for Covid-19 Positive Patients

People opting for an at-home PCR test and testing positive need proper consultation and guidance from a medical expert. DHA Dubai provides necessary consultation for those testing positive. The healthcare professional from DHA Dubai will contact the patient and provide home isolation instructions which can also be found at https://bit.ly/DHAisolation.

Benefits > Concerns

The benefits of an at-home PCR test for Covid-19 outweigh its demerits/concerns. If you or any of your family members or friends are feeling sick or showing symptoms of Coronavirus, you can immediately call us on our Toll-Free Number 800-200-400 or choose alternate methods available on our website for consultation and assessment of the requirement of at-home PCR Tests. Our team of experts will guide you and arrange an at-home PCR test if required.

Call Doctor UAE’s team is working 24×7 to keep you and your loved ones safe. Stay home and stay safe and help us fight this common war against a common enemy.

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